Spiritual Art From the Heart:
Unlock Your Creativity in Sedona!

May 14-20, 2018

If you are an artist but don’t know that just yet or
it’s been way too long since you dug out your art supplies ~ then join Kat Kirby
for a soul-nourishing, creative retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona in May, 2018!

Are you looking for some creative zest in your life…
but don’t consider yourself “artistic?”

Do you love beauty and want to rekindle
feeling alive and inspired out in nature?

Does spending time with like-minded women &
a pile of art supplies in a beautiful location intrigue you?

Come unlock your creativity with me here in Sedona!

There is a space for you here.

Dipping your paintbrush into a swirl of color, you look up and are dazzled by the majestic red rocks of Sedona. Sighing, you get lost in the magic of this setting. You haven’t felt this relaxed and contented in a very long time.

Look around you. There is beauty everywhere, as far as you can see. You won’t be distracted by traffic noise or people rushing to get somewhere. It’s peaceful here. Just think about how much you’ve needed this break from your routine!

Sedona does that to you. You will fall in love with the uplifting and rejuvenating energy of Sedona. And what better way to nurture and encourage your creative spirit to flourish, than to wake up each morning to the red rock landscape, beautiful skies, and delicious mountain air of Sedona?

You may have heard that Sedona is famous for its vortexes.

And you are probably wondering, “what are Sedona vortexes?

Vortex sites are “enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your Soul and the divine.” You will see for yourself if you have a response when you find yourself at one of the vortex sites in this landscape.

If you’d love 6 days of enjoying creative time in the studio, join us in the magical landscape of the high desert in Sedona, Arizona.

Creative expression is “Art from the Heart”, and requires no prior artistic training or skill level. We’ll be creating a hand-made journal on the first 2 days where you can record what the rest of the week will bring your way. Then, using some local materials found on walks and hikes, along with studio materials that are provided for you, you’ll make a spirit wand, a personal shrine, a painted mandala rock, and a SoulCollage® card.

And what are these, you might ask? Keep reading!

You’ll discover your own expressive, artistic style and develop and enhance your creative process in guided studio sessions involving a variety of art materials. What is your unique creative voice? Let’s find out, and spend time encouraging it to blossom.

Come explore the area, explore art-making, and explore your Self.

This retreat is designed to invigorate your artistic senses and help you find new ways to relax and renew. You will feel welcomed and encouraged to explore your creative side. Your imagination and sleeping “inner artist” will awake and delight you. And you will be given tools to continue your exploration of the arts when you return home.

All levels welcome!

Learn how to…

  • Fall in love with your “creative self” and your inner artist.
  • Identify and own your “unique creative language”.
  • Find the hidden places within you that want to be expressed.
  • Discover new artistic techniques to express your creative soul.
  • Get grounded by the amazing earth energy of the Mile High Landscape and learn how to be totally present and centered in your creative soul.
  • Learn the power of sitting in sacred space and setting your intention for your deepest fulfillment.
  • Be receptive to creative inspiration through the stunning landscape and spacious skies.

If you’ve been feeling a bit disconnected, uninspired and out of touch with your creative source – this retreat will have you recharged, centered, and ready to create magic in your life and artistic projects!

I love the creative process, and want to share this passion with you. You will be creating something unique, without self-judgment.

Have you ever enjoyed the process of letting go and being able to use art materials without worrying about the end product? You will on this retreat!

Please know this: Your artistic style is unique to YOU. It is worth nurturing!

Here is what we will be spending our studio time creating together…


Journal – handmade paper journal that you will stitch together and embellish so that you are able to record your week at this retreat in a visual way. We’ll use paints, washi tape, collage and more, and you’ll end up with a journal to treasure always!

Spirit Wand

Spirit wand – If you’ve ever felt that a magic wand might be helpful in your life, here’s your chance to create one of your very own. You will use sticks, yarn, feathers, shells, beads and more to create this special spirit wand. Meditative and fun, you will enjoy infusing your wand with an intention, a wish, or an affirmation. You will use journaling, poetry, meditation and a closing ritual to share the power of our wands. Be sure to bring any special charms or other items you might want to include.

Painted Mandala Rock

Mandala – The word “mandala” is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, loosely translated to mean circle. By focusing on the repetitive pattern, you might feel a sense of wholeness and well-being. You will work with a mandala pattern of your choice, and spend time personalizing it using paints, colored pencils, markers and more.


Shrine – We will create a small shrine using a mixed media approach. Shrines often contain idols, relics, or other objects, so we will be thinking about a person, place, or thing that holds meaning for each of us. We will work with wooden boxes, paints, collage, charms, beads, and more. The finished shrine will be truly meaningful and eye-catching!

SoulCollage® Cards

SoulCollage® Cards – Learn how to access your intuition using images and your imagination to create a deck of personal cards which you can use to find guidance with life’s questions. Similar but different to Tarot, these cards are read by you, not predicting the future but rather answering your question using your own inner wisdom.

Each card refers to a part of your Self, and you will see how by creating a small piece of art, you come to accept and honor all the parts of you. This process was created by the late Seena Frost, and you can learn more about it at this website: www.soulcollage.com.

Let me help you answer these questions in a beautiful space:

  • Who are you creatively?
  • How do you express yourself other than with words? What is your “creative language”?
  • Who are you when you feel your best?

You will find that making art can be fun, especially when you don’t consider yourself artistic.

“Really?” You might ask.

Just imagine… changing your view from “I can’t draw, I am not creative” to “I made this!”

Picture yourself…

Getting lost in your creative artistic process to the point where you lose all track of time.

Finding precious treasures along our walks in nature to add to your art pieces.

Discovering your personal, unique artistic voice.

You will be given detailed instructions for creating the spiritual crafts we create in the studio, once you return home.

We will enjoy the land, the beauty of the surroundings, and work with our inner worlds to create iconic and meaningful art pieces.

Where we’ll be staying

The Sedona Mago Retreat Center

‘Experience the land that will touch your heart and awaken your soul!’

This Retreat Center just outside Sedona offers 163 acres of beautiful high desert honoring Mother Earth’s treasures. This pristine land is filled with dramatic red rock formations, energy vortexes, and luscious gardens. As an area long known for natural healing and spiritual awakening, Sedona Mago is surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains.

Food is lovingly prepared in the Sedona Mago kitchen, with as much as possible grown right there on the land. Offerings include some seafood, but the menu is mostly vegetarian. You will feel nourished by these beautiful meals made from healthy, wholesome ingredients!

Walk the beautiful grounds at Sedona Mago. Find yourself sitting by the healing garden and lake, where you are surrounded by fragrant blossoms and aromatic herbs. It is a haven for many wild birds, so you will have their song to lull you into even deeper relaxation.

Sit by the restful swimming pool as you enjoy the magnificent views of red rocks or the amazing night sky!

Enjoy the garden’s beauty and produce. You can see, feel and taste the freshness!

Spend time in the lounge, open 24 hours a day, where you will sit and read, or sip a cup of tea alone or in the company of others. It is up to you. This is your retreat.

We will spend time together, learning and sharing, and we will spend time in nature, with others or alone in this expansive landscape. A guided labyrinth walk will be featured one afternoon, which will be a catalyst for some creative writing.

You will come away with a new appreciation of your creative spirit.

Photos courtesy of www.sedonamagoretreat.org

What’s Included

  • shared room at Sedona Mago Retreat Center
  • 6 days of inspiring art directives in the studio
  • all materials and supplies to create your fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces
  • all meals and snacks, tea and coffee: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners
  • morning rituals to help you get centered and grounded
  • one “field trip” to the heart of Sedona
  • guided Labyrinth Walk

What’s Not Included

  • your roundtrip airfare from home
  • shuttle service or car rental between Phoenix airport and Sedona
  • souvenir shopping, or other personal expenses
  • personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • upgrade to a single room (an additional $300)

Your Retreat Guide

Kat Kirby, M.Ed, Creativity Coach, ATR-BC (retired)

KatPortugalI love retreats. I love sharing my passion for creative expression with others, and I love to combine work with travel.

I love Expressive Art and Art Therapy. My undergrad degree was in art education, but I really did not like giving kids grades for their artistic creations. I felt that if a student worked hard and explored the materials to the best of their ability, that was worth an “A”. I did not want to place too much emphasis on the final product, which you have to do as an art teacher, I soon found out!

So it all really started in 1975 when I lived in rural Virginia and worked in a state hospital, teaching deaf, blind, multi-handicapped young adults to assemble an 11-piece bicycle brake. As staff, we learned how to communicate basic concepts through sign language and braille. Because I have always been drawn to creative expression, several other of my fellow low-level workers joined forces and we painted huge murals for the deaf kids, and brought in our guitars and drums for the blind kids.

What we found out was astounding! They all loved the artwork, and they all loved the music! The kids who couldn’t hear would put their hands on the guitars, and smile and laugh when we changed chords. The kids who couldn’t see very well could tell there was something on the wall that wasn’t there before and they would move as close as they could to see what it was all about. And again, laughter and smiles all around!

That was when I realized that this must be a “thing” that could be studied. And I decided to apply to graduate school to become an Art Therapist. I wanted to see how people could benefit from creative expression without having to focus on producing a beautiful work of art or getting graded for their efforts.

I have been doing exactly that ever since 1978 when I graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. My focus has been on helping people find their creative voice and style without worrying about judgement, perfection, or the end product. It’s all about the process. And we have to “Trust the Process.”

In 2005 I met Bill, my own personal cowboy. He introduced me to the magic and beauty of the Southwest landscape. Growing up in New Jersey, I did not know places like this existed. I was used to city life and all the hub bub, craziness and opportunity of shopping, theater, museums, galleries, restaurants and lots of choices.

Gradually it clicked! The concept of nurturing one’s inner space proved itself to be compatible with the great outdoors, and I fell in love with the sense of expansiveness and room to move.

My previous retreats have been held in other countries until now. However, I soon recognized the amazing beauty of my local area, and decided to share my love of this part of the Southwest with others.

As a now-retired Art Therapist, I believe strongly in the healing power of the arts. My teaching style is encouraging, and I pace my retreats and workshops to allow for quiet time as well as sharing and getting to know one another. And of course, the main goal, of getting to know and love one’s “SELF”.

Imagine exploring your inner creative child with a gentle guide! I know what it feels like to not be able to draw. I have always enjoyed more 3-dimensional art forms probably for that very reason. I draw like my “Kindergarten self” draws. And I have come to love that.

Come discover what I love about this part of Arizona, and come fall in love with your own, unique creative voice!

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